Are you dreading the idea of dealing with your tax return? The IRS has tried to make it easier by allowing electronically filed tax returns alongside traditional paper ones. It will also significantly impact o the speed of your tax refund.

Can you get free tax return preparation for Veterans?

The quick answer is yes, you can. In thanks for the years of service and personal risk taken by troops, there are free tax preparation services which will assist both serving and former members of the armed forces as well as their families to gain access to free tax services.

Firstly, the IRSs own Volunteer Income Tax Assistance service, alongside the service of Tax counselling for the Elderly, are available to any and all tax payers who earned less than $53000. The volunteers are IRS certified, ensuring that your preparation is accurate, and there are 12000 locations country wide to help you get the assistance with your tax return that you need. MyFreeTaxes also offers a free online tax preparation service which will assist qualified Veterans, military on active duty, family members and taxpayer’s earning less the $6000o to access their services for federal and state tax regardless of your local. They will also provide in person services. This vital service is delivered in partnership with several global non-profits. Find more details here.

What other tax refund services are there?

There are other services to assist with tax returns for members of the military. Do note, however, that some will have eligibility requirements or be available in limited areas, and you will need to double check with these services directly. FreeFile allows you to choose from leading software options to file. Every one of the 14 companies that are part of this program will offer different special offers depending on a varying set of factors. You can look at each to see which would suit you best. By supplying the answers to a set of questions, they will help you find the right forms, tax credits and deductions and also do the math. TurboTax Freedom edition will also help you with your tax return, depending on certain criteria. Second Story Tax Act, part of the IRS free file option, will work for free on income of less than $5200 for people of working age. H&R Block’s criteria are slightly more difficult to follow, relying on being under a certain age as of New Year’s Ever 2014, and Online Taxes offer a criteria for people in between certain income brackets.

Specifically for veterans and members of the military, there is the Military Edition of TurboTax, offering a free service for junior enlisted service persons and a discounted version for those in the senior categories and officers. Military OneSource is also offering a similar service for tax returns, provided you are eligible under the OneSource program. TaxSlayer Military is also available specifically to active duty military, allowing you to prepare both federal and state returns.

There are several great services out there to help members and veterans of the armed service file their tax returns and receive their tax refunds.

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