The long wait is over. Now is the time to get the rapid refund on your tax. As you anticipate your money, it would be best to know if you can get it quickly. Try these steps for you to fast and easily get your tax advance refund.

Where To Start To Get Your Rapid Refund On Your Taxes

  1. If you have no W2 or 1099 from your employer, what you can do is get total gross salary from your previous paycheck, probably the last one. Call your employer for the code of their tax ID in case you do not have one.
  2. Browse online to see balances on your retirement account and other taxable income. If it is very much needed, don’t hesitate to call to get the information.
  3. Now it is time to file your taxes. If you are comfortable with computer and have a fairly straight forward return then you may want to use Turbo Tax or a similar tax software for preparing your taxes on your PC.  These tax software packages are pretty handy they help you find all sorts of ways to increase your tax refund, find tax credits and deductions you did not even know you qualified for.
  4. Once you have finished preparing your tax returns in you tax software package if you have a tax refund coming then you can transition right then and there to expedite your refund process by using a rapid refund option, this will enable you to essentially get a tax refund advance for a modest fee, the funds are deposited into your account anywhere from 48hrs to 10 days.

That is how easy and fast it is to get a rapid refund on your taxes, but you can also read more tips in our post here!

Tracking Down your Rapid Refund

If you have filed for  a rapid refund you may be worried that its taking too long to get your tax advance refund check… Tracking your tax refund is now made easier whether you elected a direct deposit or via mail. How to track your tax advance refund? Follow these steps:

  1. A rapid refund is provided by a bank prior to your actual tax refund, the bank that provides the rapid refund will have an online interface where you can login, usually using your social security number and address to track the status of your check (which can be set up to deposit directly into your account for expediency).
  2. The banks won’t release your tax refund advance until the IRS has accepted your tax return.  Once your return has been accepted your rapid refund will be deposited in 24-48hrs.
  3. If your rapid refund was returned, update your home address using the system as undelivered by the post office. And if the tax refund check is mailed, you will be notified with that information.

How to Get a Bigger tax Refund

Maximizing your rapid refund can be made easy if you follow these tips.

  • Consider the property tax you paid to deduct on your taxes. There are new laws which will allow you to maximize your refund with property tax which is itemized in the deduction list.
  • Utilize the deductions to refinance your house in the same year. Incredibly, you will be able to make your tax refund bigger.
  • Include the financial loses that you have. That way, you will be able to utilize the fall of the stocks and market for you to get bigger amount of the refund.

There are some other deductions that you can use to fully maximize your tax advance refund. Find one now and enjoy a bigger return.  These will be covered in another post so stay tuned, and enjoy your rapid refund.

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