Every sole owner and business should meet the tax filing point or face late penalty fees. Once the agency rejects your tax return, it’s technically “not filed” and subject to fees. Your best bet is to mend the inaccurate info on the come back and return before the point to avoid penalties and interest on your taxes.

Missing and Incorrect information

Omissions in personal info or dependent info usually result in a return rejection. Your business info, together with your leader identification, should air your return. Sole proprietors or family partnerships with dependents should enter their social insurance variety, relationship standing and date of birth on their return. Different errors embody incorrect routing numbers for direct deposit or payment, failure to enter a filing standing and olympian the quality deduction.

Mismatch Errors

The agency receives info from the social insurance Administration concerning your info. Typos may result in a mate error. These errors occur after you enter a social insurance or tax ID variety for yourself or your dependents that don’t match the data within the existing agency info. Incorrect dates of birth and names can even arise from mate errors. When filling out the tax return, tax payers often have their filing rejected because the names on the return are incorrect. Sometimes the last name changes or there may be updates to spelling that are shown on birth records that have not been reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Women who are married or divorced and change their names fall into this category. Another example involves social security numbers and names of children that the taxpayer claims on their return. Be sure that the information you provide matches what the IRS and Social Security Administration have on file. See more.

Failure to Sign return

You must sign your return to be accepted by the agency. Your signature is your affirmation that each one the data of the return is true and proper to the most effective of your knowledge. Failure to sign leads to rejection. Even electronic filers should electronically sign their tax return exploitation their tax return code.

Incorrect PIN or previous Year PIN

The agency uses a positive private identification or your previous year’s adjusted gross financial gain as a method of fraud protection. You want to have your AGI or identification number to file a return. If your numbers don’t match those on file with the agency, the return is rejected as a result of your identity could not be verified.

Duplicate social insurance variety

Similar to a mate error, the agency rejects a tax return if it’s a social insurance variety for a dependent WHO has already been claimed on a separate tax return. For instance, two separated folks cannot claim constant kid on separate tax returns. Only one parent could claim the kid. If one parent claims the kid, the opposite parent’s conceive to claim her is rejected by the agency.


It is important to be familiar with tax filing requirements when preparing an income tax return. Failure to follow the tax code to the letter can create undue stress. To find out more, check out